enlightenment intensives

do you want to know who you really are?

There is nothing that compares to enlightenment, to the discovery of our True self. This journey of inner discovery is the most fantastic, the most mysterious, the most rewarding and the most important journey any of us will ever take. And it comes with a poignant urgency. We are each of us on this planet for such a short time. Any opportunity to find out who we really are and what we are actually here for is precious beyond measure.

For contemporary seekers of Truth with the willingness to find out for themselves and the courage to believe they can, Enlightenment Intensives offer exactly this opportunity. Three day spiritual retreats with no affiliation to any religion or guru, Enlightenment Intensives rely solely on their simple, powerful and effective format to help people of all ages and backgrounds get enlightened. Since they began running in the 1960s, Enlightenment Intensives have enabled many ordinary people to discover without any shadow of a doubt, that genuine spiritual awakening is a very real phenomenon which can be arrived at within a remarkably short space of time - and that it is worth every step of the sometimes challenging path it takes to get there.

This website is intended to help you decide whether an Enlightenment Intensive is right for you. If you have a yearning for Truth and are ready for the possibility of an inner experience that will capture your heart and stay precious to you forever, then there is a very good chance Enlightenment Intensives will support you. Read on and decide for yourself ...