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ellen dacre

Ellen first participated on an Enlightenment Intensive in 1995 and her took her first 2 week Intensive in 1996. She completed the Enlightenment Intensive Masters training with Jake and Eva Chapman in 1999 and since then has mastered numerous EIs including a 2 week Intensive.

Ellen is particularly interested in the depth of awareness which can be gained from sustained contemplative practice and has had a daily meditation practice since 2001, including 10 years of Sahaj Yoga (Surrender Meditation). She is also interested in the interplay between spirituality and psychotherapy, and completed a Diploma from the Institute of Group Analysis in 2010.

For nearly 20 years, Ellen has worked in innovative service provision for marginalised groups within both the voluntary and criminal justice sectors and is passionate about this area of work. She gained an MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminology in 2014 and currently works in senior management in the NHS, in a joint NHS and Ministry of Justice programme which commissions psychologically informed interventions for high risk violent and sexual offenders with a probable diagnosis of personality disorder.

daniel dacre

Daniel participated in his first Enlightenment Intensive in 1992. His preference is for longer Intensives and he has participated in several 2-week and one 6-week Intensive. He trained to run Enlighenment Intensives in 1999 with Jake and Eva Chapman and mastered his first EI in 2003.

Daniel is a psychotherapist and has been in private practice since 2007 (www.danieldacre.net). His approach is psychoanalytic from within a contemplative perspective and as a long-term meditator he is interested in the difficulties integrating spiritual insights into daily life. Before training as a psychotherapist he spent many years working with hard to reach client groups including street homeless and those with substance abuse issues. He has also spent many years working in NHS hospitals.