"I realised that who I thought I was before was a construction of ideas that kept me in an ever more restrictive prison. The person I thought I was was blown away and I was left. The stream of realisations from this event was life changing. I could now look people in the eye when I talked to them, I could give my friends and family straight answers and it was alright to be wrong about things. It was not a magic answer to all my problems, but I can now see them from a perspective that gives me a choice to do something about them."



It is advisable to schedule at least one day of rest if not longer after taking an Enlightenment Intensive. A period of quiet reflection is essential in order to gain the most benefit from what has been learnt and allow it to unfold fully.

Those participating on an Enlightenment Intensive go through a very intense process for three days and return to their daily lives in a heightened state of consciousness, much more aware of their internal reality than they were previously. Whether they have had a direct experience or not, the contemplative process they engaged in will have brought to the surface a largely unedited version of what they really think, feel and believe compared to their everyday perceptions. This state of increased awareness provides an excellent opportunity to take their personal development forward, if the person takes the time to reflect and learn from it.

As a result of taking an Enlightenment Intensive, people tend to become conscious of ways they hold themselves back from engaging fully in life or relationships. They may become more aware of deeper goals or motivations they have, positive or otherwise and commitments they wish to honour. These all provide valuable reference points for positive changes that might be possible in their lives. If they pay attention to the material they uncovered, a person is usually able to identify the ways they want to behave differently. They may be motivated to do further inner work on what they have discovered or take up some form of practice or therapy.

Some of the benefits of an Enlightenment Intensive such as the elevated openness and ability to make deep contact with other people may remain for some time following the Intensive, before slowly diminishing. Whilst they remain however, people generally notice that these qualities have a very positive effect on their relationships with others.

further dyad work

The dyad format used as the basis for Enlightenment Intensives can be implemented very effectively as a follow on support tool for participants. When used outside the context of an Enlightenment Intensive, the dyad format changes function. It is no longer there to help a person in their efforts to experience the Absolute Truth. Instead it becomes a powerful aid in a person's attempts to understand and work creatively with their own personal truth. It also enables a person to look at what their enlightenment experience really means for them and their life.

Further dyad work can be undertaken in a range of settings for those who want to integrate their direct experience of the Absolute into their lives and resolve issues which arose for them during an Enlightenment Intensive. These settings include engaging in dyad exercises at home with a partner or friend, joining a local dyad group, or taking a one day dyad event.

Local dyad groups are set up informally by small groups of people who enjoy participating on Enlightenment Intensives and value the use of the dyad format as a personal growth technique. These groups tend to meet on a regular basis and are open to anyone who has participated in an Enlightenment Intensive, with a minimal fee charged for attendance.

One day dyad events give an opportunity for people who enjoy the dyad format to engage in a full day of dyad exercises. Participants will be a mix of newcomers who are interested in trying out the dyad format, either as a tool for self-development or because they are thinking about whether to participate on an Enlightenment Intensive, and those have taken part in Enlightenment Intensives and want to work further with the dyad format. Some one day dyad events are loosely co-ordinated, low cost and relatively unstructured, with no formal facilitators and each participant choosing for themselves which issues they work on. Other one day events such as Dyad Workshops are designed to help people address a particular life issue and involve the whole group following a preset schedule of dyad exercises for the duration of the workshop. These are more formal and run by trained Enlightenment Intensive Masters who facilitate the workshop and give instruction and support to participants throughout the day. There is a higher charge for attendance on Dyad Workshops and places need to be booked and paid for in advance.

A wide range of dyad exercises are available to help people outside the Enlightenment Intensive context address issues and attitudes that concern them, from criticalness and goal setting to treating others better. The intention and style of these dyad questions differ from the dyad enlightenment exercise people are used to on an Enlightenment Intensive, but the formal structure and roles of the dyad exercise remain unchanged. This means many of the core benefits of the Enlightenment Intensive process remain. People continue to go through their own internal process without being commented on, judged or told what to think by someone else and they ultimately remain free of externally dictated belief structures. They also benefit from the rewards of open truth telling and live contact with others intrinsic to this shared growth technique.

longer enlightenment intensives

The standard Enlightenment Intensive format lasts three days because this was deemed by Charles Berner, the originator of Enlightenment Intensives, to be the optimum length for an Enlightenment Intensive. After much experimentation with Intensives of different lengths, he concluded that three days gave the best chance for enlightenment within the shortest possible time. However, many people have found there is significant progress to be made in a range of ways by engaging in a longer Enlightenment Intensive and these are becoming increasingly popular as the next step after trying out and enjoying a standard 3 Day Enlightenment Intensive.

Some longer Enlightenment Intensives involve preparatory dyad work before the Intensive proper followed by dyad integration work afterwards. This type of Enlightenment Intensive is designed to increase a participant's openness, contact and honesty before the Intensive, preparing them well for direct experiences to occur as well as helping them to make good use of what they have discovered afterwards.

It is also possible to take one week, two week and rarely, six week Enlightenment Intensives. These are more demanding than 3 Day Enlightenment Intensives but give an opportunity to have a deeper experience of Truth than is usually possible on the standard 3 Day Intensive. Participating on a 3 Day Enlightenment Intensive beforehand is a prerequisite for taking a longer Enlightenment Intensive so that a person is clear what they are letting themselves in for and whether they are genuinely interested in going deeper using this format. They are a more difficult and arduous process but the payoffs can be substantial.