"I have a self now. I didn't realise this was me. The steady dawning that I am this being that I am, has been the single most staggering and fantastic realisation of my life. I am liberated. This is me. I own myself. I own all the good, the not-so-good and the frankly shabby. Its all me, and I accept and love me. That's what my direct experience of Truth has done for me."

letting truth in

a brief "flash"

The intensity with which a person is affected by their enlightenment experience will depend on the depth of union with the Absolute that they have had. It is rare for enlightenment experiences on a three day Enlightenment Intensive to be more than a brief "flash" of the Absolute. While people can have deeper enlightenment experiences on longer Intensives, the shift of identity from individual to Absolute which occurs is still momentary. Yet even these brief experiences can impact on people profoundly, leaving them with a completely different perspective on themselves, life or others from the one they held beforehand.

powerful incentive

Having a direct experience in itself does not change a person, or solve their problems, but it does give a powerful incentive to make different choices and can show a person what they need to do to have a more fulfilling experience of life. It becomes much clearer to people from having a direct experience which of their attitudes and behaviours are in line with Truth and which have been based on delusion or misunderstanding of how things actually are. When someone finally discovers the Truth of who they really are, for example, they may now realise the degree to which they have gone through life being unwittingly identified with their personality, or their beliefs about themselves, or other people's judgements about them. Their direct experience is likely to give them quiet confidence in themselves, an opportunity to be much more authentic in their relationships with other people and the ability to make better decisions coming from a genuine sense of self.

making sense of life

Enlightenment experiences can make sense of life and the world and what it means to be human and alive and part of existence in a way that nothing else can do. This can provide an impetus to make all sorts of changes, both large and small, internal and external. Sometimes it is a difference of attitude that is most striking or obvious to work on. Other people find their orientation in life becomes a lot clearer. It is common for people to make significant improvements in how they relate to others and in how they treat themselves following a direct experience. The more a person makes choices and changes to consciously align themselves with the Truth that they have experienced, the more genuinely transformative and deeply rewarding the effect will be on their lives.

catalyst for change

A direct experience can provide the missing link which helps people to finally resolve something or move forward in their lives after a long period of being stuck. A person may have tried therapy, or be practicing a conventional meditation, and yet it is their direct experience of the Absolute which gives the catalyst for change other growth work has been unable to provide.

timeless value

There is a timeless value about direct experiences and they can remain important for people even years after they happened. What a person becomes conscious of through direct experience retains a certain energy and vividness and a person can still feel moved, affected and guided by this even a long time afterwards.