"When I think of Truth, I think of joy and gratitude beyond measure."

seeking truth

the inner yearning

Intense desire for enlightenment is one of the strongest forces in all humanity. The inner yearning to discover what the Truth really is has led countless individuals to put themselves through all manner of arduous trials and tribulations in order to find out. An ongoing stream of profoundly moving, inspiring and ecstatic first hand accounts of enlightenment acts as a constant reminder that the possibility always exists for others to succeed in the search for Truth. As these accounts demonstrate, enlightenment is accessible to everybody. No-one is more entitled to it or deserves it more than others, and it is not necessary to be special, pure, resolved, a good person, or free of personal hang-ups in order to become enlightened.

finding out for oneself

The only essential requirement in the pursuit of enlightenment is a sincere wish to find out the Truth for oneself. The yearning of those who are seriously interested in enlightenment will only be satisfied through their own inner experience of Truth - and by then deciding for themselves what this means for how they live their life.

contemplative practices

The most effective means for seeking enlightenment will involve consciously engaging in contemplative or meditative practices. None of these practices can guarantee enlightenment will occur as a result, but they are designed to clear a person's consciousness sufficiently to make it much more likely. They develop a person's capacity to surrender, to be open to what is there, to let go of any kind of filtering or internal processing of reality. Enlightenment cannot be acquired by an act of will so in the end a person's ability to just surrender, through any spiritual discipline, helps them prepare the best possible ground for a moment of realisation to occur.